The Sapience Decision Accelerator is a creative, knowledge rich, technology enabled, highly collaborative environment where clients participate in workshops to create solutions to complex business problems, develop action plans, and commit to concrete actions and accomplishes in a few days what takes most organizations weeks and months to do.

The Sapience Decision Accelerator is a powerful management tool/intervention which improves strategy development, innovation capability, and execution performance. Typical problems tackled by the Sapience Decision Accelerator are reducing time to value (speed), maximizing productivity of resources (costs), accelerating stakeholder commitment (empowerment), significantly increasing social capital (integration), and solving complex business problems with concrete solutions, integrating diverse organizations in mergers and acquisitions, developing enterprise-wide strategies, roll out of innovative products and services, and organization alignment and execution.

In a typical Decision Accelerator or DA Workshop, 12 to 120+ people engage for 1 – 3 days in a systematic, structured process of exploration, assessment, decision-making, and action planning. Participants (internal and external stakeholders) rigorously explore and contrast current conditions and possible visions of the future. Information rich (best practices, research reports, articles, etc) knowledge is provided before and during the session. They co-design multiple solutions, assess different solutions, decide which solutions to implement, and determine exactly how to proceed. Using parallel processing that enables them to look at issues from different vantage points and synthesize the results, participants are able to deal with the tremendous complexity involved in designing and planning for the future. Facilitators are skilled in the process and experiential design as well as collaborative problem solving practices

The Sapience Decision Accelerator has been integral to widely successful change efforts in a variety of organizations, include Alegent Health Care where over 85 DAs have accelerated the development and implementation of clinical practice strategies across hospitals and throughout the Alegent System; Hewlett Packard and Compaq, as a way to accelerate progress and reduce the risks of their merger; Microsoft, to integrate the marketing and development planning functions; and Via Christi Health, for the development of a corporate strategic plan.