Sapience Organizational Consulting’s Rapid Impact Process is a proven approach that addresses client needs to achieve sustainable improvements in overall business performance and operating cost reductions in the shortest possible time. By leveraging senior consultants, with over 30 years experience in analyzing organizational issues, Sapience can provide a very quick analysis of your situation and identify the Quick Hits that will help you take quantum leaps in performance. The key features of Rapid Impact(sm) are:

  • Use of seasoned industry experts to identify and deliver improvements within an accelerated timeframe.
  • Enterprise wide focus that integrates both functional and process views for holistic cost and opportunity identification, delivering increased levels of business performance and shareholder value.
  • Leverages Sapience’s unique multidisciplinary capabilities, knowledge base, and integrated approach that is necessary to deliver a comprehensive solution
  • Leverages leading edge technologies, such as the Decision Accelerator, SCA, Sociotechnical Scan, etc.

The graphic below illustrates the tasks and basic process utilized in Rapid Impact projects: