Work Out is a high-engagement, team-based methodology for solving organization-wide problems and building leadership capacity.

After you’ve made your reductions in force, how are you coping with the cost pressures your organization is facing in this economic maelstrom? How do you deal positively with the “survivors”? How can you operate your down-sized organization in a new, lean and agile fashion without just asking people to work longer or harder or to “pick up the slack from those who are gone”? Jack Welch and GE pioneered a highly effective approach to this situation in the late ‘80’s to the tune of millions of dollars saved, a rejuvenated organization and workforce and the impetus for GE’s multi-decade growth in revenues, market shares and profitability.

The Work Out concept is simple: engage the people doing the work in a structured and supportive process of identifying no- or low-value-added work and challenge leaders to exercise the will and the discipline to make hard decisions to eliminate the reports, approvals, meetings, practices and policies that require that work and add little value. To make this happen, your organization’s leaders work with our Sapience consultants to select an organization-wide challenge, and they charge a handpicked group of staff to develop solutions to the problems, under the guidance of our skilled outside facilitators. After two or three days, the leadership team joins the group to hear its recommendations, and reacts with either a “yes,” a “no” or a “we need more information” answer.

Sapience partners and associates helped lead and design “WorkOut” at GE and have been at the forefront of aiding other organizations in benefitting form this timely approach.