In turbulent times, organizations must become as efficient at strategy renewal as they are at producing today’s products and services. Sapience provides a number of event-driven business strategy processes for the CEO and executive team in the area of strategy innovation. We help our clients develop the capability to have continuous business model innovation and strategies as competitive circumstances change. The focus is on developing the capability to continually anticipate and adjust to deep, secular trends that can permanently impair the earning and learning power of a core business. It’s about having the capacity to change even before the case for change becomes obvious.

Strategy-Structure Alignment
Strategy-Structure Alignment is strategy driven and performance oriented. It begins with a reaffirmation (and sometimes recalibration) of business strategy, explores the implications of that strategy for organization, considers changing conditions in the environment, and through diagnosis identifies organizational problems and performance gaps. Download a PDF brochure on this topic > Business Process Optimization The main reason you should consider starting an improvement process is to make your organization more effective and competitive. Process optimization is a way to improve key work processes for faster cycle time, reduce expenses, establish documented and measurable processes, and enhance decision making for employees. Sapience provides a methodology for business process improvement in less than 30 days.

Linking Cross-Unit Processes to Coordination Needs
Getting the macro (vertical) organization right does not mean the cross-unit coordination processes will work effectively. In most cases it is the cross-unit structures and processes that have never been explicitly designed or developed that are driving problems—such as poor decision making, duplicative resources, unclear accountability, and customer facing problems. Sapience provides an approach that designs the necessary mechanisms and processes to coordinate work so that the company can work as an integrated enterprise.

High Performance Work Systems
Each work unit should be designed for high performance if you want a high performance company. Mission focused, metrics driven, streamlined processes, and high commitment employees characterize the high performance work unit. It is typical to result in a 15-30% productivity improvement with HPWS. Sapience has over 20 years experience in HPWS design and implementation.Optimizing Corporate Culture
There is no one ‘right’ culture but a strong and consistent culture which is well-aligned with the business strategy is a powerful force for successful execution. The reverse is, unfortunately, also true: the best strategy will only be as successful as the culture within which it is being implemented. Sapience has proven diagnostic and implementation tools to insure a high performance culture.