Sapience brings the leadership capability to deliver bottom-line results. Our executive coaching and leadership development services revolve around individuals and teams. We use powerful proprietary tools that energize and empower executives to enhance their leadership and teamwork abilities. In the process of developing leadership and building teams, our consultants provide highly personalized, responsive, ongoing support to ensure successful outcomes.

Executive Coaching
Effective leadership is initially about understanding strengths and improvement needs but must quickly move to an actionable plan which is supported by colleagues and coaches. Sapience has proven methods and tools for helping leaders optimize their capability. We offer these in a variety of programs to suit your particular needs from the CEO to evolving new managers—all versions of the program have the same high quality, professional and efficient elements. Download a PDF brochure on this topic >


Executive Team Development
Team development should be an ongoing process that builds enduring high performance capability, not a reaction to a problem. Not all teams need to be high performance, but executive leadership teams do. The executive leadership team is a powerful influencing factor of organizational effectiveness. Many leaders wait until there is a manifest ‘problem’ before concluding that they need to focus attention on their team. Where ever your team is, we will help you move it towards high performance. Download a PDF brochure on this topic >


Talent Audit and Pre-Hire Assessment
The talent that you bring into the organization is a powerful means to build overall effectiveness and shape the culture. This can be a risky proposition if attention is not given to issues of fit. Having the right technical skill and experience in no way ensures that you have hired a successful executive. Our tools and methods of candidate assessment will allow you to minimize the risk of a bad hire and maximize the success of the incoming executive. Download a PDF brochure on this topic >


Succession Planning and Talent Management
Succession planning is more than simply the ‘disaster’ or ‘back-up’ plan. A well constructed succession plan will enable your company to create a ‘leadership pipeline’ offering a continuous supply of the right kind of talent for your strategic business goals. Best of class talent supply systems should also provide the career development context that is such a powerful motivator for the current generation of managers. Download a PDF brochure on this topic >


Board Effectiveness
CEO’s understand the value of a good board. It can provide them with the benefit of insight and experience to gain useful perspective in decision making. It can also be a source of invaluable support through the implementation of tough decisions, such as the termination of a high profile executive, the sale of a business unit, a change in corporate strategy, or a controversial acquisition. Our services help improve the effectiveness of your Board.