Sapience Organizational Consulting has established relationships with high-quality strategic partners in order to provide our clients with expanded capabilities in specific areas. We have selected strategic partners based on their histories and reputations of providing clients with high-quality, client-focused consulting services.

Our Strategic Partners

The Effectiveness Group is a group of highly experienced IT consultants based in Atlanta, Georgia. In collaboration with The Effectiveness Group, Sapience has provided IT Assessments to clients who need to better understand the current-state of their IT systems – what they have today and what they need in the future, and most importantly, how to get from here to there.Consultants of The Effectiveness Group have been involved in over 400 mergers and acquisitions and have the experience necessary to create IT integration strategies that can save clients headaches and dollars. For an increased understanding of the the Effectiveness Group’s services and capabilities,contact Sapience or visit EG’s website at

Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP is a well-established name in the consulting world and Sapience has established a tacit agreement with PwC’s Advisory Services Federal Practice group to team on projects withinthe federal space. With PwC, Sapience is able to provide our clients with a wide array of audit and business advisory services focused on improving business controls and compliance strategies. For more information on PwC and their capabilities in the federal sector, contact Sapience or visit PwC’s website at